There would likely be consternation over the Wild signing Hanzal long-term, under the premise that Hanzal would be “blocking” Minnesota’s prospects. But that doesn’t hold very much water.

First of all, Minnesota’s window to win the Cup with a core of (not old and decrepit versions of) Zach Parise and Ryan Suter is closing. Unless it involves something extreme (like a Martin Erat for Filip Forsberg-type trade), Fletcher has to prioritize winning in, say, the next 2 years above all else.

Not to mention, the veteran centers in Minnesota might start filtering out of St. Paul. Haula is an RFA, and there’s little room for him to return. Next season will be the last year of Koivu’s contract. Would he be willing to remain in Minnesota with a pay cut? Staal has just 2 seasons left on his contract as well.

And as good as Minnesota’s top-tier of prospects are, it remains to be seen if they can replace those players. Joel Eriksson Ek is a good bet to be a productive NHL center, but other than him? It gets iffy.

The Clipper signed an aging, but still effective, Chauncy Billups in 2011, only Cheap Basketball Jerseys UK for him to immediately break down with injuries and play 42 games across two seasons. Before that, Blake Griffin missed his entire rookie year season with a broken bone in his foot.

The lottery wasn’t kind to Los Angeles, either, when a first-round pick they traded with only a 2.8 percent chance of becoming the top overall pick ended up doing just that in 2011. Instead of the Clipper selecting first overall, the Cavaliers did with their selection, taking Kyrie Irving. (This is why teams so often refuse to trade first rounders without lottery protections on the pick.)