Florida countered in the bottom of the frame astride a Mike Rivera-blasted homer to — where else — left field, and that brought the score to 2-1, advantage Frogs. Traver then walked Nick Horvath, and with one out in the inning that brought about a chat on the mound, which had little effect because he walked the next batter, Ryan Larson, to put Gators at first and second.

That brought on Dalton Guthrie, who HIT A BALL TO THE EXACT SPOT THAT KWAN HAD EARLIER IN THE DAY AND THE PLAY WAS REVIEWED AND IT WAS RULED A FAIR BALL. That of course scored Horvath, while trail runner Larson was thrown out after over-running third by a considerable distance. TCU crossed two more runners in the top of the next frame to bring the score to 4-2, and suddenly panic set in among the Gators’ dugout.

“Sometimes people can’t handle the truth,” he said. “That’s my biggest issue. I’m just straightforward, man, a straight shooter. I’m not going to say you’re pretty when you’re ugly.”

And that’s the story of how Miguel Montero parted ways with the Cubs.

Except, what’s the truth? Are the Cubs’ pitchers ugly when it comes to holding runners? I watched all 32 stolen base attempts against Montero this year, timing the pitchers’ time to home, as well as his pop time to second base. It was a dumb, laborious idea, and I’m absolutely thrilled that I took MLB Jerseys Wholesale the time. Because I found things.

Montero is often paired with Jake Arrieta and John Lackey, neither of whom are especially quick to home plate. The average pitcher took 1.52 seconds to get the ball to Montero, which MLB Authentic Jerseys is definitely on the high side. Pitchers who are excellent at holding runners get the ball to the plate in about 1.2 or 1.3 seconds. When you start getting to 1.5 seconds, you’re in the danger zone.