Edinson Volquez threw a no-hitter on Saturday against the Diamondbacks becoming the sixth Miami Marlins pitcher to do so.

Such a special day for Edinson Volquez and the Marlins organization. This is the sixth no-hitter in Marlins history giving the team the most no-hitters thrown by any team in the MLB since the team was formed in 1993.

Most of these lists were released before news that Alex Reyes would miss his first year and a half of service time recovering from Tommy John Surgery, but he’s still probably worth at least $35M. According to this, he’s the only single prospect that could be paired with Wong to acquire Donaldson.

However, the lists this one was based on were released at the start of the year. Players have raised and lowered their stocks since then, and that will be reflected in the coming midseason lists. One player that is sure to have raised his stock is Carson Kelly. There’s always been concerns that Kelly wouldn’t ever make strong enough contact, posting weak BABIPs and ISO at most stops throughout the minors. Last year he posted a strong BABIP, and he’s continued that this year along with a .216 ISO. His less than average strikeout rate has continued, and he’s currently walking at a double-digit clip. Maybe this is just a hot streak. Scouts in the past have made claims that there was raw power in Kelly’s profile waiting to be unlocked though, and perhaps now it’s happening. I’ll defer to the scouts on this one.

Scouts have a term they use for a player like this: PROFBO. It stands for probably fine, but old. They’ll sit around their scout bars and talk about scout terms, and they’ll say, Yeah, that guy’s PROFBO to each other, and they don’t need to say any more. It’s a six-letter way of saying, Look, his body of work speaks for itself, but let’s not forget that he’s getting older, and time claims all players, as it will claim us all. That’s a mouthful, so they say PROFBO.

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