Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott was involved in a late-night altercation at a Dallas bar on Sunday, according to Mike Fisher of 103.5 The Fan.

A spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department confirmed to ESPN that no arrests were made in connection with the incident and no police report was filed. The victim in the incident suffered a broken nose.

Wednesday, Rebecca Lopez of WFAA in Dallas reported the Dallas PD would most likely suspend the case. Just an hour later, that’s what happened:

He was being facetious about it, possibly poking fun at Tom Brady’s healthy lifestyle, which is getting turned into a meal service a la Blue Apron. His real answer comes down to a combination of things: practice, throwing the ball really well, and having opposing players misjudge where the ball’s going to land. That’s a formula for an exciting play and/or a kick in the groin if you’re not a Packers fan.

As for the Tom Brady joke, it’s important to remember how much respect he has for the Patriots quarterback. As Brady gets older and closer to eventual retirement, Rodgers looks at him as inspiration for staying in the NFL until he’s in his 40s. They also have something in common when it comes to dieting.

Rodgers recently revealed he stopped eating dairy products because they gave him irritable bowels a bummer for the people of Wisconsin, but allergies are no joke. Brady’s diet made people’s heads turn at the time he doesn’t eat strawberries, but apparently he’s OK with avocado ice cream. And sure, everyone can make jokes about what Brady does and doesn’t eat, but he’s got five Super Bowl rings, so there must be some magic behind that diet.

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